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Dove Music Studio is dedicated to helping each student reach their personal goals. Our mission is to create a fun and educational experience for all of our students. We listen to the student(s) and their parent(s) to determine goals and find out what they hope to gain from taking music lessons. This information helps our teachers to create individual lesson plans catered to each student's specific needs-- resulting in a confident, well rounded musician.


While enrolled at Dove Music Studio, we hope that our students take advantage of our many resources. Our large inventory of sheet music allows students the opportunity to hear music before picking a piece to learn. Additionally, we provide educational games that teachers integrate into their lesson plans to help teach difficult concepts and encourage a fun learning environment. Student's are encouraged to take home these games upon teacher's request.


We want our students to feel a sense of accomplishment and confidence in their musical abilities. The more you practice and participate, the more well-rounded and skilled you will become. As long as you commit to your work, the sky is the limit!

Click on the mustache to view our studio policy for 2020 - 2021!

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