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Dove Music Studio offers a many opportunities to our students. All students willing to put in extra effort are encouraged to participate. Listed below are many of the events students may choose from.


Most events do have a dress code. We like for our students to think of performances and other events as going to work, and they must dress accordingly. This is both for practicality and professionalism.


We also ask all of our students and parents to remember they are representing Dove Music Studio. Therefore, we ask that students and parents show good sportsmanship and never use foul language at events.

Dress code:


  • Dress, skirt, or slacks

  • Dress or skirt must go down to the knee when sitting

  • No heels over 2 inches (if using pedals)

  • No casual shoes


  • Suit, slacks, or nice khakis

  • Button up shirt or polo (tie not required)

  • Dress shoes


If you would like to see descriptions of the different events students can participate in, please click HERE

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