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frequently asked questions

Q: How do make-up lessons work?

Students only pay for 44 lessons throughout the year. The eight weeks students have not paid for are split up into five weeks off and three weeks that are set aside to make up a missed lesson. These make-up lessons are each four months apart. The exact days are on the studio calendar.


If given enough notice, the teacher will attempt, but is not obligated, to move the lesson to within the week of the originally scheduled lesson. Teacher's schedules are usually full, and there may not always be an opening for a make-up lesson. If there is severe weather, lessons will take place at regular time via Skype or video call. If for any reason a lesson is missed, it will not be subtracted from tuition.


Q: If I have not missed a lesson can I still come to lessons on make-up weeks?

Yes, but that lesson will be banked. This means it will be used to make up a future missed lesson.


Q: What are the five weeks off?

The five weeks off are the weeks of Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, spring break, and one week in the summer. The week off in the summer is determined by each teacher individually.


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